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We offer a complete set of services all tailored to your trading success.

Forex Kings is an independent training provider that offers practical education for individuals that want to learn or improve their understanding of the foreign exchange market and trading skills.

We care about results. Forex Kings ensures our students are fully equipped to enter the market with comprehensive knowledge to tackle the market. To prepare our students we combine academic, theory and technical analysis with practical exercises in live sessions to provide real experience. Forex Kings offer post course support and analysis free to all of our students to give on-going support long after they leave our course.


The Founder - Who is Jason Noah?

There was once a time in my life before I started trading where I had it very hard, it got so bad that I tried committing suicide, YES suicide. I’m only alive today by the grace of our Father. Life out here is really not easy. I found out I was going to be a father but that wasn’t my reason for wanting to commit suicide. I was thrown out on the streets by my father and everything just got more difficult since that day. Don’t get it wrong, him putting me out there made me stronger. I taught myself how to hustle. I was living in my cousin backroom, I remember my mom and little sister would come see me everyday and I would cry with them, they kept telling me that it’s all going to pass, that I should just pray and continue to have faith that one day it’s going to pay off. I kept on blowing my accounts and gave up on trading, I went to look for a job at pick ‘n pay and even applied in the SAPS. Then I saw Mr Hastibeer was going to have a course in Sandton and then I decided to give it a try. I went there and I got equipped with the skill that changed my life. Fast forward a few years and I’m here, with my son and family who never gave up on me. This is why I love that boy so much. Every time I see him grow older I get prouder because this is something I would have missed out on if I died that night. That’s why I will never take what I have for granted because it did not come easy. I am grateful for what I have but I am still working for more. This boy showed me that I can never stop working hard. To whoever out there going through a very tough time, know the Lord will answer you when the time is right, but for now, keep your head up, work hard and have faith. It will all come to pass.


What our trading community has achieved.

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